Adrian Rendmar


Adrian kneels before it, thanking the Emperor for this Holy gift to his dynasty – that the Rendmar family can serve His will.

Adrian follows his ancient family’s name into the void as a Rogue Trader of no small esteem. Prideful of his great family’s legacy, Adrian wishes to give his all in the name of the God-Emperor of Mankind. His relatively frail frame betrays his gifts of great leadership and powerful network of Allies.

In his travels thus Adrian has been brought to the brink of death, left with little after a unexpected attack on his ship and crew in years past. This trial and others left him feeling at first weak and helplessness. But with time, molded him to become resourceful beyond his peers.

Adrian knows now the path best set to serve the the Holy Emperor is not always the most direct – and that only through His will may Rendmar be a name that passes over the lips of the countless citizens across the Imperium.

After finishing his prayer, Adrian stands and closes the heavy vault door to his Warrant of Trade in it’s protective stasis field – now is the time for action.

Adrian Rendmar

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